Oppala Balance Board

The perfect equipment if you want to improve your body stability and core strength while having endless FUN!

The balance training is multi-purpose and for all ages, meaning that it is suitable both as an essential equipment for sport lovers as well a family toy for playing balance games.


It can help to prevent and rehabilitate lesions on the feet, ankles, knees and hips, ligament ruptures and muscle injuries.


It will help you to improve your balanceposturefocuspsychomotor coordination and reaction time.


It is ideal for board practitioner such as surfers, longboarders, snowboarders and skaters to radically increase their performance and stability. It is also a great and challenging accessory for your fitness trainingyogapilates and more.


The cork roll can be used as an excellent massage tool for deep tissue massage known as Self-myofascial release, to deal with muscle tightness and to relieve knots. 

Product details

The Oppala Board consists of two main components:

  • First, an egg shaped board is made out of strong baltic birch plywood1 of 760 mm long by 450 mm wide and 15 mm thick cm, and is covered by a cork deck layer of 5mm thick. On top of the cork layer, two patches of a cork grip finish are placed so your feet won’t slip. The stoppers, covered with tire rubber prevent the board from flying out from under you. The board comes with a handhole on the side for easy carrying. All edges are hand sanded until smooth corners and rails are reached.
  • Second, the cork roll is a solid cork agglomerate piece of 45 cm long 15 cm in diameter. You can purchase the board and the rolls separately, depending on your convenience and purposes.
  • In addition we provide a handmade carpet that is made from residuals of the big textile industry by a small artisan manufacturer from the Serra de Estrela in Portugal.   


CORK is a natural product that is used on the board surface and out of which our rolls are made exclusively. Cork provides a very comfortable feeling when used barefoot (recommended), thus helping to relocate your center of gravity naturally. Cork is naturally hypoallergenic, provides great grip and does not create unwanted odors. The solid cork roll slides smoothly, providing a good grip between the board and the floor.

Learn more about cork and the picturesque and vital cork oak forest.


The stoppers located at each end of the bottom of the board are covered with tire rubber. The rubber absorbs the impact between the floor and the board provides a smooth feeling without provoking unpleasant noises or scratches. This means training in your flat won’t be a problem anymore for your neighbour below!


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