Portuguese Cork

Cork is a truly sustainable natural product that is derived from the cork oak tree, Quercus suber. The cork oak is a worldwide unique tree, as its bark is harvested still by hand without harming the alive tree. New bark, the cork, continuously grows and can be harvested every 9 years. Cork is naturally hypoallergenic, smooth, grips well and just feels good when touching it. For our One Love Eco Sport products we mostly use cork agglomerate which is a residual of the wine stopper industry.


Buy our cork products and you help protecting the vital cork oak forests!


The sustainable and integrated agroforestry “Montado” of cork oak forests protects and maintains a unique ecosystem that is home to millions of plants and animals, from which some are strongly endangered, for example the Iberian lynx and Eastern imperial eagle.

Tire rubber

For our Oppala Balance Board we make anti-slip and anti-noise stoppers out of old car tires in an up-cycling process. Car tires fill up our landfills quickly and often end up in the environment here in Portugal, although in Europe 95% of tires supposed to be recycled. Recycling processes of tire rubber is highly energy consuming. Thus giving a new purpose to car tires offers a solution to reduce waste.

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