One Love History

One Love Eco Sport arose from a group of friends that met while studying Marine Biology and through their common passion for sea sports especially surfing. With great worry we observe that although nature conservation and public awareness has increased over the last decade, our oceans are being polluted more and more. This is best visible by the tons of plastic garbage floating in it, stranding on our beaches and killing marine animals. Through our work we realized that to save our beloved ocean, we actually need to increase the offer of eco-friendly products and allow people to make an alternative choice. 


So, here is our brand One Love Eco Sport that develops sport products that are:



sustainable local recycled handcrafted fair healthy



Our Mission

ONE LOVE ECO SPORT's mission is to develop an ecological brand of sport and physiotherapy equipment. We are committed to produce sport gear out of materials that have a low environmental impact and by using sustainable and handmade manufacturing processes that ensure fair and healthy working conditions.


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One Love Eco Sport

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